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Why Your Next Business Conference Should
Be At Summerplace Game Reserve 

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‘Your microphone is muted’. ‘Can you hear me now?’ You won’t experience this when you hold a corporate conference at Summerplace Game Reserve. Zoom or Teams meetings are fine for quick chats, but to establish real business progress, in-person discussion and debate is still the most impactful form of communication and strategisation. Here are five compelling reasons your business should book its next conference at Summerplace.


There’s something about leaving familiar surroundings and heading away for a corporate breakaway that helps create a sharp focus on the theme of the conference. By being distanced from daily chores and responsibilities, you and your colleagues or clients will sharpen your focus on the important matters being presented or discussed to ensure there’s efficiency and progress.

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Summerplace Game Reserve is just a 2hr15min drive from Pretoria and another 30 minutes from Johannesburg. An easy travel distance that takes you away from the chaos of the city and into the tranquility of the bush. The roads to Summerplace are in good condition and the final gravel road has been rebuilt to make it possible for all motor cars to reach Summerplace Game Reserve comfortably. 

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Summerplace Game Reserve is fully powered by solar, which means that loadshedding won’t disrupt your business conference or your accommodation experience. Although remote, Summerplace Game Reserve uses satellite Wi-Fi to ensure you’re always connected at our conference venue and lodges.

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At Summerplace Game Reserve there is no city noise, grimy air, or night-sky light pollution. It’s pure Waterberg wilderness, which means that the downtime at your conference delivers true relaxation in a peaceful environment for your colleagues or clients.



As one of the leading wilderness trails destinations in South Africa, Summerplace Game Reserve offers a network of engaging trails for mountain biking, trail running and hiking. We have a fleet of rental eBikes – ideal for those that don’t own their own bikes but who want a memorable riding experience. With over 40 species of large mammal wildlife, we also offer sunset game drives to bid a scenic farewell to the day.


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