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Stay in touch and keep up to date with the latest news, information and announcements at Summerplace Game Reserve.  Read a rich selection of news articles below.

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Why Roan Antelope is so Important to Summerplace Game Reserve

When you visit Summerplace Game Reserve, you’ll most likely encounter free-range Roan Antelope. This is quite special because in 1985 there were only around 200 left in South Africa. A concerted effort was made to capture, protect and breed Roan and today there are around 8000 in the country. Here’s why we have brought Roan to Summerplace and how they are faring....

Summerplace MTB Skills 8.jpg
Summerplace MTB Skills 8.jpg

MTB Skills Camp: Confidence, Progression & Great Memories

Everyone knows that the better your skills, the more you can enjoy your mountain biking. But not everyone makes an effort to invest in improving their skills. Well, that wasn’t the case for 49 mountain bikers that attended the fourth annual Waterberg Summer Skills Camp from 4-5 January 2023 at Summerplace Game Reserve. Here’s what went down and information about the next one....

Meet the Summerplace Mountain Bike Team

Mountain biking is part of our DNA at Summerplace Game Reserve. How can it not be when we have world-class trails, good year-round weather and staff that live and breathe mountain biking? We also invest in our people and have established a Summerplace Mountain Bike Racing team for 2023, comprising entirely of staff members. Meet the team and find out about their goals for 2023.

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Unexpected Buffalo Visitors Create Summerplace Drama

Summerplace has undergone conversion to a game reserve over the past year and is now home to a wide range of game, some of which are endangered, vulnerable or protected species. The only member of the Big Five at Summerplace Game Reserve is Leopard. Although recently that changed when there were some unexpected visitors....

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